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Chapter 2: Only One Exists

The whole is incomprehensible. When you try to comprehend it, the tail grows, and then you are caught. It is intellect - which is a small tail. You can pass into God very easily, but the tail will stick. Horns, head, legs, everything will pass into God very easily, there is no problem about it. But the tail inside you, wagging in the head, that will remain stuck behind. It won’t allow you to go. That’s why heady people find it very difficult to enter into religion. People of the heart easily enter on the path.

It is the desire to comprehend the incomprehensible; it is the desire to demystify the ultimate mystery.

The ultimate belongs to the whole, and a part of it - the intellect - wants to understand it. The whole can be understood by the whole, not by the part. The like can be understood by the like. Intellect is a very small part, a very tiny part, but pretending to be the dictator.

Intellect has become very dictatorial. It says: “First, I have to understand everything. If I don’t understand, then it is not. If God is not understood by me, then God cannot be. God can exist only if I allow. Love can be only if I allow.” If something is mysterious, the intellect says, “No, it is not.” It is better to say “It is not” than to accept the mystery and lose your control and your dictatorial grip on existence. The intellect is the ego - this is the tail, very small, but gets caught.

So, Sheela, don’t grow a tail. If you have a tail, then it will be difficult to get into religion. And I have not seen the tail in Sheela up to now, unless she is hiding it somewhere.

The intellect can solve every problem, except the problem. The intellect has answers for everything except for God, except for life, except for the total. There it suddenly falls very short; there it is impotent. Before the omnipotent the intellect is impotent.

So if you don’t want to understand, there is no problem - you will understand. If you want to understand, you will miss. Let me repeat it: if you don’t want to understand, you will understand - it is simple. If you want to understand, it is very complex, you will miss it.

The second question:

I am groping in darkness. Osho, can’t you take me out of it?

I don’t see any darkness anywhere. Only you are keeping your eyes closed; the darkness exists not. It is your creation. The sun is everywhere, the light is everywhere, it is full noontide. But you go on clutching your eyes shut, you go on keeping your eyes shut - hence the darkness. Now, nobody can force your eyes to open. There are a few things you will have to do yourself.

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