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Chapter 1: On the Absolute Tao

Life abhors a vacuum. If you become empty everything will come on its own accord. Trying, you will fail; non-trying, success is absolutely certain. I am not saying that if you want to be successful don’t try - no, I am not saying that. It is not a result, it is a consequence. And you have to understand the difference between a result and a consequence. When you listen to Lao Tzu or to me, of course you understand the logic that if you try to be victorious, you will be defeated because there are millions of competitors. How can you succeed in this competitive world? Nobody ever succeeds. Everybody fails. And everybody fails absolutely, there is no exception. And then Lao Tzu says that if you don’t try to succeed you will succeed. Your mind becomes greedy, and your mind says: That’s right! So this is the way to succeed! I will not claim, I will not be ambitious so that my ambition can be fulfilled. Now this is asking for a result. You remain the same - you have missed Lao Tzu completely.

Lao Tzu is saying that if you really remain without any claim, without asking for any credit, fame, name, success, ambition, then as a consequence success is there, victory is there. The whole existence pours down into your emptiness; you are fulfilled. This is a consequence, not a result. Result is when you desire it; consequence is when you were not even thinking about it, there was no desire, no thinking about it. It happens as part of the inner law of existence. That law is called Tao.

It is because he lays claim to no credit
That the credit cannot be taken away from him.

Understand Lao Tzu. And understand your inner greed. Because the greed can say.. It happens every day; almost every day people come to me and I tell them, “Meditate, but don’t ask for results.” They say, “If we don’t ask for results, will they happen?” I say, “Yes, they will happen, but don’t ask for them.” So they say okay. Then after a few days they come and they say, “We have been waiting and they have not happened up to now.”

You miss the point. You cannot wait. You can wait for a result; you cannot wait for a consequence. Consequence has nothing to do with you or your waiting. It is part of the innermost law. It happens on its own accord. You are not needed even to wait, because even in the waiting - the desire. And if the desire is there, the consequence will never happen. Don’t desire and it happens. Don’t ask and it is given. Jesus says: Ask, and it shall be given. Knock and the door shall be opened. Lao Tzu says: Ask not, and it shall be given. Knock not, and the door has always remained open - just look!

And I say to you Lao Tzu goes the deepest anybody has ever gone. Lao Tzu is the greatest key. If you understand him, he is the master key; you can open all the locks that exist in life and existence. Try to understand him. It will be easy for you if you don’t ask for any results out of the understanding. Just enjoy the understanding. Just enjoy the fact that you are on a journey with this old guy. This old guy is beautiful - not against ugliness; this old guy is wise - not against stupidity; this old guy is enlightened - not against unenlightenment or unenlightened persons. This old guy is total. You exist in him, and buddhas also exist in him. He is both. And if you can understand him, nothing is left to be understood. You can forget Mahaviras, Buddhas, Krishnas - Lao Tzu alone is enough. He is the master key.

Enough for today.