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Chapter 10: Wisdom and Understanding

And when that fundamental question is asked only then can the master give you himself in his totality. He can pour himself into your being. When you ask a superficial question, of course a fundamental answer cannot be given, because it will fall on deaf ears, on dead hearts. When you ask a question the quality of the answer is already decided in it.

The sixth question:

You called us the “ancient ones.” If we have been with other masters in past lives, how is it possible that we could have missed them so consistently?

Because you are very consistent. Be a little inconsistent, otherwise you will miss me also.

The seventh question:

You said that Lao Tzu was born old. How did he achieve his wisdom and maturity? Was a master necessary to bring him to the point where he could be born old?

You don’t even have a sense of humor. You can’t understand a joke. These are just symbolic tales, beautiful in themselves, but if you start asking questions about them they become ugly. That’s how the whole mystery and the poetry of a thing is lost; and that is what has been done. The whole of theology is all about such nonsensical questions. “Was Jesus really born out of a virgin?” It is a beautiful symbol. “Was Jesus really resurrected when he was dead, crucified?’’ This is a beautiful symbol. “Was it a reality that Lao Tzu was born old, eighty-four years old, remained in his mother’s womb for eighty-four years?” It is a beautiful Lao Tzuan joke. I suspect that Lao Tzu must have spread the rumor - nobody else could do that, it is so subtle.

If you understand the joke, you understand. If you don’t understand please don’t ask questions. Forget about it, because questions will destroy it completely.

It is said that whenever a joke is told there are three kinds of laughter. The first is from those who understand it immediately - and a joke has to be understood immediately, with no time gap, otherwise you lack the sense of humor. That is the whole point of it - that suddenly it strikes, suddenly it hits somewhere inside, and you know what it is. You may not be able to explain to others why you were laughing, and the more you try to explain, the more it will become a puzzle. Why were you laughing? It is a subtle phenomenon. How does it happen?