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Chapter 13: Truth Is Beyond Words

Certainly, because according to me religion is the highest luxury in human existence. The poor cannot understand the music of Mozart; that does not mean that the music of Mozart should not exist. It only means that the poor man should be raised to a situation where he can understand Mozart. The poor cannot understand Picasso, but that is no fault of Picasso.

I am trying my best, to my uttermost ability, to make things as simple as possible. I do not use any philosophical jargon, I simply use words that everybody uses, but still I know it is difficult for many people to understand. It is not only that they are poor, not only that they are uneducated - even for many who are not poor and not uneducated it is difficult, because they have such closed minds, so many prejudices. They only hear, they don’t listen. They don’t allow an opportunity for anything new that goes against their conditioning.

So, many will not understand, but that does not disturb me. If only the most intelligent part of humanity understands me, it will be enough to save this world. Those who do not understand me, don’t count.

So you don’t think much of people that try to soften the poverty in the world without remedy?

I do not. I think that they are criminals. And it is because of those people that poverty has existed up to now. We would have destroyed it long before, but they go on consoling the poor, they go on softening their suffering. They go on helping them somehow not to revolt.

Can you give a few names of those people? Examples?

All religions have done it, without exception. Jesus Christ, Moses, Mohammed, Gautam Buddha, Krishna, and their followers - their popes, their rabbis and their shankaracharyas, and their Ayatollah Khomeiniacs - they have all been doing that. They have been keeping the poor, poor, by giving him hope. That hope is nothing but opium.

You don’t believe in religions. After your lecture this morning, I understand that you also do not believe in God.
You are called “the blessed one.” Who blessed you then?

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