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Chapter 25: The Watcher Is Always in the Now

And this is the beauty, that the more patient you are, the quicker is the coming of the spring. If you can be absolutely patient, this very moment spring can come.

Your urgency is creating a trouble for you because it is making you more and more confused, more and more restless, in a hurry. I can understand; the whole Western tradition has taught you only one thing, and that is speed.

I have heard about a pilot who was a lover of flying. He had taken his girlfriend for a flight, and he was going at full speed, maximum. The girl was a little afraid. Finally she asked, “Where are we going?”

The pilot said, “Don’t ask unnecessary questions. The real question is, we are going at full speed. Who cares where we are going? The going in itself is so good.”

The speed has become such a problem because for centuries in the West the mind has been conditioned to do things quickly: “Don’t be lazy, be efficient.” But all this has created a turmoil in the mind.

Everybody is trying to become rich as quickly as possible, and naturally if you want to be rich quickly you have to find some immoral means - maybe heroin money. All the Western religious leaders are against drugs, but they don’t understand that the idea of speed, that everybody has to be fast enough.and millions are competing for the same place; naturally there is competition, there is jealousy, there is violence. It does not matter, means don’t matter; the end is to reach quickly - either to a powerful position, or to become world famous, or to have all the riches possible.

But these trees don’t grow impatiently. They move with a grace, with patience, with trust. There is no hurry anywhere else except in your mind. If you really want to be in a state of peace and joy, you will have to unlearn your old habit for achieving things quickly, fast.

Just the other day I was informed that in Japan, they have invented a train that moves four hundred miles per hour. Up to now the record was two hundred fifty miles per hour; they have broken all records. And because the train moves four hundred miles per hour the very speed of the train creates a cushion of air, and raises the train above its rails one foot. It is no longer on the rails. It is very comfortable because it is moving in the air, almost like an airplane, just one foot above the earth.

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