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Chapter 4: Madness or Meditation

So this is not a commentary. This is difficult to understand because you cannot allow. You are so much inside you cannot allow anyone. And these are not persons. Patanjali is not a person: Patanjali is a presence. If you are absent, his presence can function.

And if you ask Patanjali, he will say the same. If you ask Patanjali, he will not say that these sutras have been created by him. He will say, “These are very ancient - sanatan.” He will say, “Millions and millions of seers have seen them. I am just a vehicle. I am absent and they are speaking.” If you ask Krishna, he will say, “I am not speaking. This is the ancientmost message. It has been always so.” And if you ask Jesus, he will say, “I am no more, I am not there.”

Why this insistence? Anybody who becomes absent, who becomes a non-ego, starts functioning as a vehicle, as a passage - a passage for all that is true, a passage for all that is hidden in existence, that can flow. And you will be able to understand whatsoever I am saying only when even for moments you will be absent.

If you are too much there, your ego is there, then whatsoever I am saying cannot flow in you. It is not only an intellectual communication. It is something deeper.

If you are a non-ego even for a single moment, then the impact will be felt. Then something unknown has entered in you, and in that moment you will understand. And there is no other way to understand.

Enough for today.