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Chapter 11: No God but Godliness

If anybody really wants to understand, he should come here. For a seeker, an inquirer, Rajneeshpuram is not far away: people are coming here from all over the world. If a person is here for a certain period of time, experiencing the people who are here, the way they relate, the climate of love, the serenity of the place, the silent communication between me and my people - if they can come and dance, sing, and be part of us - then perhaps they will get something, a taste that you cannot describe. Nobody has been able to describe what sweetness is. The only way is to drink a coca-cola.

I am a drunkard, I am drunk twenty-four hours. The source of my drugs is inside me, so no government can catch me. There is no way to find out from where I am getting my champagne. And my people slowly, slowly start getting drunk. So it is a question of taste: if you can simply provoke those people that there is something worth tasting, that they should not miss it, then it will be possible for them to understand whatever I am saying. I use simple language, I have no jargon, I am not an expert about anything; to understand me is very easy.

The problem arises that you cannot understand me just through words. And it is not a new problem, it has always been so. The person who experiences something in his innermost core finds it difficult to translate it into language, because language is created for mundane affairs. What can lovers say to each other? At the most, “I love you.” And if, unfortunately, the woman has a philosophical mind and asks, “What is love, what is it that you are proposing? Explain it: first I have to understand what love is, only then can I understand whether to take it or not.”

Fortunately women are not philosophers, they don’t ask what love is. In fact, they know more of love than men. It is men who have created all kinds of violence on the earth, and are preparing to destroy the whole life on earth. It is absolutely men’s responsibility, women have not been participants in it. But if a woman has a philosophical mind, then no lover can explain. Then the only way is, rather than saying, “I love you,” he starts making gestures of love, holding her hand, dancing with her, looking into her eyes, singing with her, listening to music, or just sitting silently together looking at the night, the stars. Perhaps in just being together something will transpire.

That is love: it is a transfer of some invisible energy. And religion is exactly the same thing. One who has known his own being is capable of sharing his being with you, and in that sharing, something will be triggered in you. And the moment you know the truth, it will not be the truth of the master, it will be your own. He has never given you truth, he has never talked about it. He has not said a single word about it, because nothing can be said about truth.

All words are futile as far as truth is concerned. No word has the potentiality to express values like truth, joy, blissfulness, ecstasy; there is no way. But one thing you can do, you can give them a challenge: there is something worth experiencing, at least don’t condemn it before you have experienced it. And I know that anybody who comes here open and ready to learn, puts his conditioning aside and forgets that he is a Christian or a Hindu or a Mohammedan.

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