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Chapter 3: Compassion: Love’s Highest Refinement

You ask me: “What should be done so that people can understand you?” In fact, nothing can be done. If you understand me, live that understanding, that’s all. If somebody is ready to understand it, good. If nobody is ready to understand it, it is nothing to bother about. That is their business. Don’t become too concerned about others because that concern will disturb your own growth. Grow according to your inner light, and if you are full of light maybe some people will start understanding.

If my sannyasins start living exactly what I mean, then that’s enough. A few people will certainly understand you. And only a few are able to understand it; the larger mob is incapable of understanding anything that goes beyond them. But that is their freedom. If they don’t want to understand, it has not to be forced upon them.

A drunk was weaving around the bar of an exclusive hotel. He asked the barman the way to the men’s toilet, and he was told that it was the first door on the right down the hall. So he blundered through the first door on the left and fell into the swimming pool.

He had been treading water for well over five minutes when the door opened.

“For God’s sake!” he screamed. “Don’t flush it yet!”

And the really last question:

Do you take yourself seriously?

Never! Seriousness and me have nothing in common; there is no bridge between me and seriousness.

Did you hear the latest joke?

Osho goes to the psychiatrist. Says the psychiatrist, “This is the first time you have come to me, so please tell me your story from the very beginning.”

Replies Osho, “In the beginning, I created the sky and the earth.”

Enough for today.