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Chapter 6: The Secrets of Spiritual Explosion

I have heard you say that whenever the ultimate spiritual explosion happens to a person, there starts a process which effects seekers like a chain reaction. Has this started around you? Are there people who are going to explode in the very near future?

First, one has to understand what is meant by “spiritual explosion.” Many things are implied. One: the explosion is something for which you cannot do anything. Your efforts are meaningless. It is not something that you can manage. The explosion happens to you. You cannot do anything positively toward the explosion - because if the explosion is done by you, it will not be an explosion at all. You will remain and you will continue. Even after the explosion you will be there. If you have attained it, then you will not explode in it. So no positive effort is possible toward the explosion.

This is the first thing, the first basic implication in an explosion. Explosion means a discontinuity with the past: the old has gone completely and the new has come, and there is no continuity between the two. This new is not causally connected with the old. There is no causal link - it is not caused by the old. If it is caused by the old then there is no explosion, then there is continuity, then the old has continued in a new form. Then you may have gained something - you may have added something to yourself - but you are the same. The central being remains the same: only on the periphery has something been added and accumulated. In a sense, your ego will be strengthened. You will be stronger than before, you will be richer. So there is no explosion in continuity.

“Explosion” means the old has died completely and the new has come into being, and there is no causal link between the two. There is a gap - an unbridgeable gap. There is an abyss. Then you can call it “the explosion.” This is very difficult to understand, because in our lives everything which is causal is easy to understand. Our whole logical thinking is based on causality: everything is connected, everything is related and is in continuity with something else. Nothing is new, everything is just a modification of the old - so it can be understood. The mind can understand it because the mind is a continuity.

The mind is the past, the accumulated knowledge, the memory. The mind can always very easily understand the old. The new is incomprehensible to it, the new cannot be understood by the mind. And if the mind tries to understand it, it will transform it into terms of the old. It will give shape to it, it will give meaning to it, and will categorize it - and in some way, will connect it with the old. Then the mind is at ease and the mind can understand it.

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