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Chapter 24: I Am Nothing but Pure Champagne

He said, “Is that necessary? Can I not change silently?”

I said, “They will not understand; they will continue with their old idea. You have to do something. You have harmed them; you have been wounding them continually for years. You owe them at least an apology.”

He went with me. With tears in his eyes he touched the feet of his mother and father, and asked, “Just forgive me. I had completely forgotten that being chief justice is only my function, it is not my being. It is just the job that I do - I need not continue to be tense in the house. It is not only that you are all suffering, I am also suffering. I have almost become a foreigner in my own family; even my own children tremble before me. And now, retrospectively, I wonder why I was clinging to this chief justice-hood.”

It gave you the mastery. And once you have tasted the poison of being a master, it is very difficult to drop the idea. That’s why you are fighting again and again.against whom? It is your mind that goes on coming back - your prejudices, your negativities, your cynicism, your expectations. Say good-bye to them forever, because they are not going to give you any meaning, any significance, any celebration.

Let this be the criterion always: Anything that makes you festive, anything that gives you celebration, anything that makes you dance and sing to such an extent that you disappear in your dancing, in your singing, in your celebration.is the only true religion I know of. No God is needed, no heaven and hell are needed. All that is needed is a simple understanding that mind is the source of negativities - because those negativities make it the master, and you become a slave. And once the mind has been on the throne for so many years - perhaps for so many lives - it is very natural that it should come back again and again.

I have heard: a man’s dog died; he had loved the dog very much - and the dog was very understanding and very loving and very beautiful. He could not live without that dog; the death of that dog had left an empty space within him. He went to purchase another dog, and he told the pet shop owner, “I want something special.”

The pet shop owner said, “I have got a very special dog; and the strange thing is that he’s the cheapest dog in my shop.”

The man said, “This is strange. I would like to see the dog.”

The pet shop owner took him inside the house; he had put the dog in a special place. The dog was really great.and the man said, “Why are you selling him so cheap?”

He said, “You will know tomorrow.”

The man could not understand what kind of puzzle this was. There were many dogs - very costly - which bore no comparison with this beautiful dog. He purchased it, and went home.

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