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Chapter 12: Love, Life, Laughter

Stern magazine, West Germany

You have read Sheela’s interview with Stern magazine, and my understanding is also that you would like to clarify some of the points.


She claimed that a drug named ecstasy was used here in the commune. Did you ever use it or know that it was used here?

She is simply lying. I have never used. I am constantly in ecstasy without any drug. What need I can have of Ecstasy? The drug can only create a hallucination and I have got the real thing.

So do you have any knowledge that this drug was used in fund-raising?

No, because in this commune drugs are completely prohibited. And if anybody could bring them it was only Sheela and her group, because they were in charge of the commune. I was in silence and isolation, never leaving out my room. I had no idea what is going on outside.

If she knew that they.drugs are being used in the commune, why she did not inform me about it? Why she did not inform the government about it? And I have been consistently insisting that no drugs should enter Rajneeshpuram because every drug is against meditation. It gives an illusion which is dangerous. One can get addicted to it.

So if she is right, then she is responsible for it.

As far as my people are concerned, nobody is using drugs, no drugs are being allowed in the commune. We have kept a special dog to check everybody entering. If he finds any drug he immediately prevents the person.

So the only way if any drug ever entered, it must have been through Sheela.

And I have seen her pictures on the television. She looks drugged.

She is absolutely lying. And if she is right, then she is responsible because I have left the commune in her hands.

And why she does not gather courage to come and face me? I have never thought that she will prove such a chicken.

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