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Chapter 26: Acceptance of the Peaks and the Valleys

Bliss never happens through effort. Effort is always tension-creating; it gives anguish. Effort is always ugly because you are forcing something. Understanding is not an effort; it is beautiful, it is a spontaneous happening. Do not control. If you try, you will be a failure, and you will destroy yourself. Understand! Let understanding be the only law, the only sadhana - spiritual practice. Leave everything to understanding. If understanding cannot do anything then it cannot be done, so forget it. All that can be done can be done through understanding.

So Tantra says, accept things because acceptance will be needed to understand. You cannot understand anything if you deny. If I hate you, I cannot look into your eyes, I cannot see your face. I will turn about, I will escape from you, I will not look at you directly. When I love you, only then can I look into your eyes. When I love you deeply, only then can I see your face.

Only love sees a face; otherwise you never see faces. You move, you look, but that look is just casual, not deep. It touches, but it never penetrates. But when you love, then your whole energy becomes your eyes. Then the energy moves, touches deep, goes deep down into the other person, meets at his center of being. Then only can you see and know.

That is why in the old biblical language they have used the word know for sex, for love - for deep love. It is not coincidental. In the Bible it is reported that “Adam knew his wife Eve, and then Cain was born.” This use of know for deep love, for sex, is strange but very meaningful, because when you know someone it means you have loved someone. There is no other way to know someone.

And it is not only with persons, it is so with energies also. If you want to know your inner being and the multidimensional phenomenon of energies, love! Do not hate the animal, love it. And you are not unrelated to it, you are part of it. The animal has pushed you to this point where you have become man - be grateful to it.

It is sheer ungratefulness when people go on condemning the animal in man. This is sheer ingratitude. The animal has pushed you to this point where you have become man, and the animal can push you to the point where you can become God. It is the animal that is pushing you. Understand it - its ways, how it works - and that understanding will become transformation.

So no control, no effort to become the boss - no! Why are you so afraid of your animal? Because your mind is really impotent; that is why you are so afraid. Why do you want to control it? If you are really the master, the animal will follow you. But you know well that the animal is the master and you have to follow him. That is why there is this whole effort to become the master.

You know very well that anything real that happens, happens through the animal, and anything bogus that happens, happens through the mind. This awareness creates fear. That is why you want to try to become the master, but a master is never born out of effort. Only slaves try to become masters. A master is simply a master.

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