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Chapter 9: The Practical Joke

You must have seen pictures of the pyramids. They were made by very very secret schools in Egypt. The word pyramid means “fire within,” and the pyramid is made in such a way that it accumulates energy. Just now scientists have become aware that the shape of a pyramid is a great accumulator of energy. Just the shape, just the triangular shape accumulates energy. They became aware of the phenomenon by accident. One scientist was working in the pyramid of Giza. While he was working a dog entered, and he unknowingly closed the door and went away for a holiday. When he came after three weeks the dog was found dead, but the body was mummified, automatically. The dog was dead but the body was not deteriorating at all.

Then he tried many experiments on cats, mice, and he was surprised: something miraculous was happening in Giza. A body dies, it has to deteriorate.. Then he tried a small experiment: he made a small model pyramid and put a mouse in it, and the mouse died and was mummified. The body didn’t deteriorate.

Now they have made a patent in Germany - they have made a cardboard pyramid for razor blades. You shave your beard and put the razor in the pyramid; the next day it is automatically sharpened again and one single razor can do for a whole lifetime.

The word pyramid means “fire within.” The whole human body is like a pyramid. If you move deeper you will come to understand that near the navel an energy shape exists which is triangular. And near the navel, just inside the triangle, in the middle, there exists a fire. It is a very very tiny flame right now. If you learn more, and your learning becomes understanding - you carry the essence of it - you will feel a heat growing near the navel. In Japan they call it hara. The heat grows, and as the heat grows near the navel you start changing. A moment comes when you feel a burning fire near the navel; it becomes almost intolerable. And then suddenly everything changes. At one hundred degrees your body becomes totally different.

The flow of the body is no longer downwards. Sex disappears, because sex is the downward flow. Suddenly the energy is going upwards. And then the energy reaches to the topmost peak of your being, the sahasrar, from where it enters into the divine. So learn more, don’t move unawares. Awareness is fire. When Heraclitus says that fire is the root of all existence, he is right. He knows something - fire is the root of all existence. Not the fire that you see; that fire is just one of the forms.

Understanding is like fire: it burns you completely - you as you are right now, the ego, the mind. It gives you a different dimension: you become a cloud and you move in the sky. You have gained wings.

Don’t allow any experience to go by without your learning something through it. Each single moment is valuable; learn something. When tomorrow comes and the sun rises, you should not be the same - you must have learned. These twenty-four hours are valuable; you must learn.

And by learning I don’t mean that you should know more; you should understand more. Even an ignorant person can be a very understanding person - ignorant in the sense that he is not educated, he doesn’t know much. And a very educated person, an “Oxford man,” can be absolutely non-understanding, but he knows. Can you feel the difference? Knowledge comes through memory, through mind. Understanding comes through experience, through existential experience, not through memory.