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Chapter 6: Discipline and Control

If you ask me the definition of what is right, I will say: That which is done through understanding. Right and wrong have no objective values; there is nothing like a right action and a wrong action, there are only actions done through understanding and actions done through non-understanding. So sometimes it is possible that one action may be wrong this moment and right the next moment because the situation has changed and now the understanding says something else. Understanding is to live moment to moment, with a sensitive response to life. You don’t have a fixed dogma of how to act; you look around, you feel, you see, and then you act out of that feeling, seeing, knowing - the action comes.

A man of control has no vision of life, he has no sensitivity to life. When the road is right in front of him, open, he consults a map; when the door is just in front of him he asks others, “Where is the door?” He is blind. Then he has to control himself because the door is changing every moment. Life is not a dead, static thing - it is not. It. is dynamic. So the same rule that was good for yesterday will not be good for today and cannot be good for tomorrow. But a man who lives through control has a fixed ideology, he follows his map. Roads go on being changed every day, life goes on moving into new dimensions, but he goes on carrying his old rubbish ideology. He looks at his idea, then he follows it, and then he is always in the wrong situation.

That’s why you feel that you have missed many joys in life. You have to miss, because the only joy that life can give is a response of understanding. Then you feel many joys, but then you don’t have any rules, any ideas, any ideals, then you are not here to follow certain codes - you are here to live and discover your own code of life. And when you become aware of your own code of life, you will see that it is not a fixed thing. It is as dynamic as life itself.

If you try to control, it is the ego; it is the ego manipulating you in many ways. Through the ego, the society manipulates you, and through society, the dead, all those who are dead now, manipulate you. Every living being, if he follows a dead ideology, is following dead people.

Zarathustra is beautiful, Buddha is beautiful, Lao Tzu is beautiful, Jesus is beautiful - but they are no longer applicable. They lived their lives, they flowered beautifully: learn through them - but don’t be a stupid follower. Be a disciple, but don’t be a student.

A student learns the word, the dead word; a disciple just learns the secrets of understanding, and when he has his own understanding, he goes on his own way. He pays his respect to Lao Tzu and says: Now I’m ready, I’m grateful, I go my own way. He will always be grateful to Lao Tzu.

And this is the paradox: people who have been deadly following Jesus, Buddha or Mohammed can never forgive them. If you miss your joys of life because of them how can you forgive them? How can you really be in gratitude? In fact you are deeply in anger. If you come across them you will kill them, you will murder them because these are the people who have forced you into a controlled life; these are the people who didn’t allow you to live as you would have liked to live; these are the people, Moses and Mohammed, who have given you commandments about how to live. You cannot forgive them. Your gratitude is false. You are so miserable, how can you be grateful? For what? For your misery can you be grateful? No, you can be grateful only when you are blissful.

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