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Chapter 12: If You Want Consolation, Go Somewhere Else

This Patipada had even tried poisoning people, under the instructions of Sheela. And before things had come to a point where I was going to request the government to inquire into all the activities this small gang had done against the whole innocent commune, Sheela escaped. Patipada also escaped, and the day she escaped she came to see me just as I was going for a press interview. She was standing there in front of the door, and she said, “I am very grateful to you, Osho, but now perhaps I will never see you again. I am leaving this place tonight.”

“But,” I said, “why are you leaving, and why will you not be able to see me again?”

She said, “The situation is such.”

It was only discovered later, when all the crimes were discovered, that she was also a partner in those crimes. That was the reason for leaving the commune, and that was the reason.because then in what way will she be able to face me? But she came here, and she knows perfectly well that I will forgive her; there is no problem about it.

It is human to err, and it is more human to forgive. I will not say it is divine to forgive. That is making forgiveness a superiority.

But she gave two hundred rupees to Shunyo, two hundred rupees to Nirvano, and two hundred rupees to Amrito just as a present.

Amrito and Nirvano both thought that this was a bribe so that she can be accepted into the commune, and they wanted to give that money back - it looked dirty. But Shunyo is innocent; she behaved the same with Patipada, thinking, “How sweet she is.” She could not see the point, why in the first place she would give that money to her. It is because these three people look after me; to approach me, these three people are the key. And if they are satisfied with her then perhaps they will help her to get re-established in the commune.

But Shunyo was also hurt yesterday, because she was thinking it was because of Om’s great understanding of her sympathy that he had given her the present.

One thing every woman has to remember is that man has divided you in such a cunning way that you can never become a force. You are jealous of each other; you don’t have any sympathy for each other. You would rather sympathize with men - not your man of course! It has to be somebody else’s man.

Shunyo has to grow in more understanding and more awareness. The only man who laughed at the whole matter and enjoyed it was Shunyo’s boyfriend, Milarepa. He really enjoyed the whole thing. He proved to be a more understanding person. He did not jump into the tournament that was going on; he remained outside playing his guitar, thinking, “Let these fools decide whatever they want to do.”

And people freak out so easily if anything is said which goes against their opinions and their habits. They don’t even think about it, that I don’t have any vested interest in their relationships - whether they are together or separate. Just because they ask the question, I feel it as part of my compassion to make things absolutely clear.

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