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Chapter 4: Transcendence: The True Therapy

There are people here who are good swimmers, but they are the unfortunate ones. The really fortunate ones are those who don’t know even the ABC of swimming, so the moment I push them in the water they are gone down! And that is the way to reach the other shore - because only your ego drowns; you cannot. Only your ego dies; you cannot. You were never born and you will never die. No ocean can destroy you. No power can destroy you. No fire can consume you. That’s why I go on pushing you without any worry about you - whether you know swimming or not, whether you will be able to reach the other shore or not. I talk about the other shore so that I can persuade you to jump into the ocean. Once you have jumped I forget all about you! I have to persuade others too!

So, Mradula, don’t be worried. You are fortunate that you are not a good swimmer. Soon you will be drowned. And the moment you are gone, that is the greatest moment of your life, because in that very death is resurrection.

The third question:

What do you mean by understanding something in meditation? How does one go about it, and what part of oneself is involved in the understanding?

Meditation and understanding are synonymous. So when I say “understand in meditation,” I am simply saying to be silent, quiet, cool, and see. You are not to do anything else, you have to be just silent, cool and calm, and see. And understanding arises on its own accord. It is the fragrance of being silent.

Misunderstanding arises because your mind is very cloudy, noisy. Your mind never allows you to see that which is, never allows you to hear that which is said to you. Buddhas come and go but you remain the same. Yes, you become Christians and you become Buddhists, and you become Hindus, but you don’t change. These are your strategies to escape change, to avoid the awakened ones.

You ask me, “What do you mean by understanding something in meditation?”

It is not a great problem. Meditation is understanding. You are trying to figure it out intellectually, and that is not possible. You are trying to think about it, what it is all about. Whatsoever conclusion you arrive at will be wrong.

It is not a question of thinking what is meant by it. Meditate, and experience. It is something to be experienced.

You say, “How does one go about it.?”

One does not go at all about it, otherwise you will go about and about. The word about means around, and you will go around and around in circles. Don’t make it an intellectual question; it is an existential approach. But the very word ‘understanding’ has misled you, because by ‘understanding’ we always think ‘intellectual understanding’. That is not so. There is nothing like intellectual understanding. Intellectual understanding is pseudo. It is misunderstanding pretending to be understanding. The word ‘understand’ is beautiful.

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