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Chapter 32: Life Consists of Small Things

The most painful experience in the world is to be angry with you. This is not a question - only an expression of sheer joy at feeling free again to love you.

That’s right! It must be from Chetana! It is one of the most difficult things, to be angry with me.

You can ask Vivek, because she suffers many times for my sake, for my safety. And I can understand that if she becomes angry it is not against me. But then she suffers so much because of anger.

You love me so much - you cannot conceive of being angry with me. But once in a while, just a taste is good. That will prevent you for the future from going into such spaces.

Of course for Vivek it is difficult. Now she has been continuously sad and worried because I have been continuously mistreated by the police, jail authorities, governments, deported from one place to another. And she knows that she cannot do anything to prevent it. This whole sadness sometimes turns into anger. Now she cannot even be angry with those governments; she can only be angry with me. But then to be angry with me is really difficult. It is almost an impossible task! And those who have to pass through it know its hell.

But one thing is good about it - there is always something good, even in the worst situation - that nothing remains forever. You come out of it, and then you feel a tremendous freedom and joy and understanding.