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Chapter 9: The Master Is a Mirror

It all depends on you. Everything is ready to happen any moment. Just open all your doors, all your windows, so that existence can pour into you from every side. There is no other god than existence, and there is no other paradise than your very being. When existence pours into your being, paradise has entered into you - or you have entered into paradise, just different ways of saying the same thing.

But remember: nothing is expected of you. All the religions have been telling you for centuries that you have to do this; you have to do that. That you have to torture yourself, you have to renounce pleasures, you have to fight with your body, you have to renounce the world.

The Buddhist scriptures have thirty-three thousand principles that a sannyasin should follow. It is almost impossible to remember them - following them is out of the question. I don’t have a single principle for you to follow; just a simple understanding that it is your life - enjoy it, allow it to sing a song in you, allow it to become a dance in you. You have nothing else to do but simply to be available. And flowers are going to shower on you.