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Chapter 5: The Seed of Liberation

See your so-called religious men. They have renounced all - but they have not renounced renunciation. They have renounced all; now they are clinging to their renunciation. That renunciation has become their wealth - the drainpipe. Now they are climbing to the same ego but in a more cunning and subtle way - so subtle that, not only are others deceived, they themselves are deceived.

Watch: You are a worldly man, then one day you feel the frustration. One day everybody feels it; there is nothing special in it. Then you start becoming religious and you start feeling very egoistic about it. You are becoming “religious.” You look at others as sinners, worldly people. You are religious: you have become a sannyasin, you have renounced.

Just watch: The enemy has entered from another door. The world is not to be renounced; the ego has to be renounced. So one has to be very, very careful not to allow it.

The ego cannot be repressed, remember. It has to be simply evaporated - through the heat of understanding, through the fire of understanding. If you repress it, it is easy. You can become humble, you can become simple, but it will hide behind your simplicity.

A woman told her doctor that she was convinced she had a very dangerous illness. He advised her not to be so foolish, that she could not possibly know whether she had it or not because, “the disease,” he added, “carries with it no discomfort whatsoever!” - so there is no way for her to know.

The lady said, “But doctor,” she told him, “that’s exactly how I feel - no discomfort whatsoever! The disease is there!”

You can go on deceiving yourself and you can find rationalizations, and on the surface they look very reasonable, on the surface they look almost like proofs - but look into them.

And it is nobody else’s business, remember. It is for you to see. The whole world can see it, but if you have not seen it, that is useless.

Now modern psychology is by and by turning from individual therapy to group therapy, and the only reason for it is this: that it is very difficult for the psychoanalyst to convince the patient, person to person, about what he is doing to himself. About the patient, about his complexes, about his rationalizations, repressions, about his deceptions, stupidities - it is very difficult to convince him person to person. But in a group it becomes easier because the whole group can see the foolishness, the obviousness of it - that he is clinging to something and unnecessarily becoming miserable. The whole group can see it, and the understanding of the whole group functions more tremendously and deeply than the understanding of one person can function on you. That’s why group therapy is growing, individual therapy is disappearing.

Group therapy has a tremendous advantage. Twenty persons working in a group: nineteen persons become alert that you are doing something which you don’t want to do.and still you are clinging to it!

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