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Chapter 8: The Voice of the Raindrops

The empty hall.This hall can be said to be empty if you are silent. It is not your being here that disturbs its emptiness, it is your chattering mind that disturbs its emptiness. If the mind is at ease then it resounds only with the raindrops or the bamboos or the clouds, but the hall is empty: “The empty hall resounds with the voice of the raindrops. Even a master fails to answer.”

There are questions which can be answered only by not answering. If somebody asks you, “Have you stopped beating your wife?” you will be shocked for a moment because whatever you say will have some implications. If you say, “Yes, I have stopped,” that means you have been beating. If you say “No” that means you are still beating.

One very intelligent philosopher and logician, seeing such situations has developed a word po. When you cannot say yes and you cannot say no, say po. Po means nothing; po means it is not answerable. Po is a new contribution to language. Perhaps rather than po you would like - because it reminds you about the pope and Poland.You can use Yaa-Hoo! That is specially yours.

And there are idiots who have started writing articles against Yaa-Hoo - quoting Sushrut, an ancient man of medicine - talking about ayurveda, just creating jargon, that this word, Yaa-Hoo will destroy people’s minds, will break down their nervous systems.

I have told my doctors - we have many experts in everything - to give good hits to these two idiots. In the first place neither has Sushrut mentioned “Yaa-Hoo” anywhere nor is it mentioned in any ayurvedic scripture. They are just throwing big names around.

The reality is that scientific research in the Soviet Union and in America both support that laughing and crying are immensely healthy, healing and refreshing processes. On scientific grounds from many experiments it has been found that if you start laughing, your whole being vibrates with healing energy. It is still a mystery why it happens, but the same happens with crying.

Everybody knows from his own experience that after laughter, good laughter, a belly laughter, you almost feel that you have taken an ice-cold shower. A peace, a silence, a freshness.

The same is true about crying, but very few people know the secret of crying because it is more repressed than laughter.

Both these people who have written articles - and just today I have seen them - are ayurvedic physicians. It is absolutely certain that they understand that if by laughter people can heal themselves, if by crying people can heal themselves, it goes against their profession. It is not a coincidence that only two vaidyas, ayurvedic physicians, should write the article - and without any experimentation. They should come here and participate in the groups.

They must have been afraid that this would be my response, so in their article they say, “We would like to be observers, but not participants.”

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