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Chapter 1: Love Is the Master Key

He is dear to me indeed
who can call back the wanderer to his home.
In the home is the true union, in the home is enjoyment of life:
why should I forsake my home and wander in the forest?
If Brahma helps me to realize truth,
verily I will find both bondage and deliverance in the home.

He is dear to me indeed
who has power to dive deep into God;
whose mind loses itself with ease in his contemplation.

He is dear to me who knows God,
and can dwell on his supreme truth in meditation;
and who can play the melody of the infinite
by uniting love and renunciation in life.

Kabir says:
The home is the abiding place;
in the home is reality; the home helps to attain him who is real.
So stay where you are,
and all things shall come to you in time.

O Sadhu! The simple union is the best.
Since the day when I met with my Lord,
there has been no end to the sport of our love.

I shut not my eyes, I close not my ears,
I do not mortify my body;
I see with eyes open and smile,
and behold his beauty everywhere:
I utter his name,
and whatever I see,
it reminds me of him;
whatever I do, it becomes his worship.

The rising and setting are one to me;
all contradictions are solved.
Wherever I go I move round him.
All I achieve is his service:
When I lie down, I lie prostrate at his feet.
He is the only adorable one to me:
I have none other.

My tongue has left off impure words,
it sings his glory day and night:
whether I rise or sit down, I can never forget him;
for the rhythm of his music beats in my ears.

Kabir says:
My heart is frenzied,
and I disclose in my soul what is hidden.
I am immersed in that one great bliss
which transcends all pleasure and pain.

Religion has very rarely existed in a healthy way - only when a Buddha walks on the earth, or a Christ or a Krishna or a Kabir. Otherwise, religion has existed as a pathology, as illness, as neurosis. One who has realized religion through his own being has a totally different understanding of it. One who has been imitating others, his understanding is not understanding at all. Truth cannot be imitated. You cannot become true by becoming a carbon copy. Truth is original, and to attain to it you have to be original too.

Truth is not attained by following somebody, truth is attained by understanding your life. Truth is not in any creed, in any argument; truth is hidden as love in the deepest core of your being. Truth is not logic; it is not a syllogism, it is an explosion of love.

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