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Chapter 4: To Return to the Root

He is right, because: “This hitting is his problem, not mine. Why should I be disturbed?” He is right, because if somebody is angry it is his problem; if he is insulting it is his problem; if he is abusing it is his problem. If you are undisturbed, you are undisturbed. But you immediately get disturbed - that means his anger and insult is just an excuse. You were already boiling within, just waiting for some excuse to come your way.

Says Sosan: When mind exists undisturbed - and when you fall to the source it is undisturbed - in the way, nothing in the world can offend, and when a thing can no longer offend, it ceases to exist in the old way. And the quality changes with the attitude. If somebody insults you, it looks like an insult because you get insulted. If you don’t get insulted, it will not look like an insult. How can it look like an insult if you are not insulted?

Somebody is angry - you feel it as anger because you get disturbed. If you are not disturbed you cannot feel it as anger. The quality changes because your interpretation changes, because you are different. Somebody hates you - you feel it as hate, because you are disturbed. If you are not disturbed and somebody hates you, will you call it hate? How can you call it hate? The old name won’t do; the old mind is not there.

You may even feel compassion, you may feel pity. You may feel, “What has happened to this man? How much he is suffering, and unnecessarily, and to no avail!” You may even help this man to come out of it, because when somebody is angry he is poisoning his own body, poisoning his own being - he is ill. You will help him to come out of it. If somebody has a cancer, you don’t start fighting with him. You help him, you serve him, you take him to the hospital.

For a buddha - for a man like Sosan - when you are angry your mind has a cancer; compassion is needed, you need much help. And if the world becomes a little more enlightened whenever somebody is angry all the family, the friends, will hospitalize the man. He needs hospitalization. It is foolish to fight with him and to be angry with him. It is absolutely foolish and absurd because he is already ill, and you all are against him - how are you going to help?

With physical illness we have compassion, with mental illness we don’t have compassion - because if someone is physically ill we don’t take it as offending to us. When somebody is mentally ill, we think he is mentally ill because of us. Because you are also ill, hence this attitude.

Once you are undisturbed everything changes because your attitude changes. You are different, the whole world is different: .it ceases to exist in the old way.

When no discriminating thoughts arise,
the old mind ceases to exist.

Discrimination - this is good, that is bad, this I like, that I don’t like - this discrimination is the very base of your mind. If discrimination disappears the mind falls into an abyss. You will reach to your source. And that source carries all meaning, all ecstasies, all blessings.