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Chapter 28: Education Is Amoral

Adolf Hitler teaches Germans to be responsible to the nation. If all the Germans were responsible towards themselves there would have been no second world war. They would have simply refused to kill innocent people: “Why? Why invade, why destroy? - just for the glory of this madman, Adolf Hitler?” But they were never taught responsibility. They were taught, in the name of responsibility, something false: responsibility to the nation.

And what is a nation? Just lines on the map. The earth remains undivided, humanity remains undivided. In fact the whole existence is an undivided, organic whole.

The sun is far away. It takes eight and a half minutes for the rays of the sun to reach to the earth. Light travels with a tremendous speed, so don’t think eight and a half minutes is a small phenomenon. Light travels one hundred and eighty-six thousand miles per second. Multiply it by sixty - that is one minute; Multiply it again by eight and a half, and you will know the distance.

But if the sun does not rise one day we will all be dead. Without the sun, neither man nor animals nor trees - nothing can live. It is the sun that is the source of our life, warmth. We are not disconnected. And the sun makes no distinction, that he has to give more life to Christians and less life to the Jews.

Existence knows no divisions. We are continuously joined in invisible ways.

You are breathing - just for a few minutes don’t breathe, and you will know how difficult it is not to breathe. Breathing joins you with the atmosphere around you which is invisible. And breathing is needed by everybody - it does not depend on your religion, on your nation.

In fact it depends on trees, because trees exhale oxygen and inhale carbon dioxide. You inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. That creates the balance. But foolish man has gone on cutting trees, not knowing that he is cutting his own life. Who is going to give him fresh oxygen? And who is going to take his carbon dioxide? - because if the air around you is filled with carbon dioxide, you will be dead.

Everything is related to every other thing.

A man who is alert, aware, intelligent, responsible towards himself, will find a tremendous responsibility towards the whole of life, towards the whole existence, because it is all contributing to you. Without it you are not going to live.

But Reagan wants you to be responsible towards God who has not done anything. Even a tree is doing far more than your God.

Hindus are better because they worship trees. At least the trees go on giving you oxygen - they deserve some respect from you - and they take carbon dioxide. That’s why when you burn a tree you get coal; that coal contains carbon dioxide.

Hindus look far more responsible. They worship rivers, they worship trees, because without water you cannot exist, without air you cannot exist. The rivers and the trees are giving you more than any God. In fact nobody knows what His contribution is, what He has given to humanity. In fact He has always been against humanity - if He is anywhere.

He prohibited Adam and Eve from having the two most important things: wisdom and eternal life.

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