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Chapter 15: The Path is Found

But the elemental forces of existence record, and their records are absolutely true, because there is no mind to interpret, to change, to add or to delete. There, the purest is recorded. If Mohammed spoke, if Jesus spoke, it is recorded there. The earth cannot lose contact with such highly evolved, highly developed, transformed ones. It cannot lose contact with them, the contact remains. It can be revealed to you. The development of your inner senses will enable you to do this.

The eleventh sutra:

Inquire of the holy ones of the earth of the secrets they hold for you.

The conquering of the desires of the outer senses will give you the right to do this.

Inquire of the holy ones of the earth of the secrets they hold for you. We exist in bodies, but there are many holy ones around you who exist bodilessly. The human spirit can exist either in a body or in an unembodied form. The unembodied form is still a part of the universe; it is still in the world. It has not escaped it, liberation has not yet happened. It is prone to come back, it tends to come back. It simply waits for the right womb.

There are many holy masters existing in an unembodied form - not absolutely enlightened, because when one is absolutely enlightened he disappears from the body and from the form itself. He disappears completely; he dissolves into the world’s source. A Buddha, a Jesus, dissolves back to the original source. But there are many who are not absolutely enlightened but who have come to know many things, who have realized many beauties, who have realized many truths, not the truth. They have realized many, many experiences and have become good - not enlightened, but they have become good.

That is why they are called “the holy ones.” They can be of much help to you. If you are open to them, you can be in contact with them. In theosophy, they are called “the masters.”

The book, Light on the Path, was dictated by the masters to Mabel Collins. They know many secrets that have disappeared from the earth, from the records of humanity, or have been distorted. Or, we just cannot read them because the language is forgotten. It is still not possible to know what is written in the Harappa Mohenjo Daro culture. It still remains a secret. We know something is written, but we don’t know what it is. The form remains but the keys are lost. We know many scriptures from many cultures, but the language is lost.

These holy ones can reveal many things that last. They can make us remember. You can make contact with them if you are silent, innocent, moving inward. If you are using your inner senses you can make contact with them and your life can very easily become transformed. You, alone, may take lives to reach the goal, but with these holy ones you can be easily helped.

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