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Chapter 18: Sailing in Rough Waters

The eighteenth saying:

Simon Peter said to them:
Let Mary go out from among us, because women are not worthy of the life.

Jesus said: See, I shall lead her so that I will make her male, that she too may become a living spirit resembling you males. For every woman who makes herself male will enter the kingdom.

We will be sailing in rough waters today, but many things have to be understood. And don’t be prejudiced either this way or that, because prejudice makes it almost impossible to understand.

First thing: man and woman basically differ; they not only differ, they are opposites. That’s why there is so much attraction. Attraction can exist only between opposites; the similar cannot be very attractive. Whatsoever you are, you are acquainted with it. For a man, the woman is the unknown. It attracts, it invokes, it invites; an inquiry arises, a curiosity arises. For woman, the man is the unknown. For man, God penetrates through this world in the shape of woman, because God is the unknown. For woman, man represents the divine because he is the unknown for her. Hence, the opposite is so significant.

So the first thing to be understood: they are different; not only different, but opposites. But they are not unequal, they are equal. There is difference, there is oppositeness, there is a polarity, but they are not unequal, they are equal. Two opposites are always equal, otherwise they cannot oppose each other.

The second thing to be understood: the female body exists for a totally different purpose; biologically, physiologically, chemically, it has a different function to fulfill than the male body. And it is so different from the male body that unless you penetrate into the deeper layers of biology you will not be able to understand the difference. They exist as if in two worlds apart.

The woman carries a womb. The very word woman comes from “man with a womb.” And the womb is so important: nothing is more important than the womb, because a whole life has to come through it. The whole moving phenomenon of life passes through it, it is the very gate into this world. And because of the womb the woman has to be receptive, she cannot be aggressive. The womb cannot be aggressive; it has to receive, it has to be an opening, it has to invite the unknown. The womb has to be a host, the man will be the guest.

Because of the womb being a central phenomenon in the feminine body, the whole psychology of woman differs: she is non-aggressive, non-inquiring, non-questioning, non-doubting, because all those things are part of aggression. You doubt, you inquire, you go in search; she waits, the man will come in search of her. She will not take the initiative, she simply waits, and she can wait infinitely.

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