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Chapter 10: Each Moment Is the Goal

And like the meaning of athato will be the meaning of brahma jigyasa. To the theist, brahma will mean the God; to the atheist, brahma will mean the ultimate reality - not a personal God, but an impersonal reality. And jigyasa, inquiry, will also take different forms. To someone it may become meditation, to somebody else it may become yoga, to somebody else it may become prayer. It will depend on your potentiality and according to your potential the seed will take form.

This simple sentence has been commented upon by almost one thousand commentators. I have gone through so many commentaries and it has been such a joy to see the same small sentence - just three words - take such different meanings. And on the different meanings of this first sentence will depend the whole commentary on all other sutras, all other maxims.

It is not equivalent to sachchidanand but it is the beginning. And sachchidanand - truth, consciousness, bliss - is the ultimate realization of this small beginning which becomes deeper and deeper and bigger and bigger, and sooner or later becomes your whole life. Badarayana’s sutra is only a hint that it is time to change: it is time to become a seeker; it is time to behave like a mature person; it is time not to waste your life anymore on mundane activities.

It is time for the pilgrimage.

Your boat has arrived.

It is time to go into the unexplored seas, to the untraveled path; to be alone and to go within; to be alone and to be absolutely free and independent; to find your roots in existence. And the day you start finding your roots in existence will be the moment when you have touched the edge of your very life springs. That will be the time of a certain conclusion. Your life is no more a question, but becomes an answer. And that answer is sat-chit-anand. Those three words are irrefutable.

God can be argued against. In fact, half of the world is now communist and does not believe in God. Buddhism, which is the third greatest religion after Christianity and Mohammedanism - they don’t believe in God. Jainism, which is a minority religion - but they don’t believe in God either. In fact, if you accumulate all the numbers, there are more atheists in the world than theists. It has never been so before. The world was always a theist majority and an atheist minority. The balance has reversed. Today there are more atheists in the world than theists.

And the theist is not much of a theist either. Just by name he is theist. Scratch his skin a little and you will find a doubt inside. He believes in God, he goes to the church, he goes to the temple, but his is not a faith which has no doubt within it. It is a faith which has been sitting on a repressed doubt. It is a belief - just underneath is the doubt. I have never come across a single theist who really believes. He may say, “I really believe,” but the more he says “I really believe,” the more he exposes himself.

When you say to someone, “I really love you,” what do you mean? Is not love enough? This emphasis of “really” makes the whole thing bogus. It is like in a movie - it is not true, it is a Hollywood love affair.

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