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Chapter 7: The Light behind the Window

One night it happened, he was staying in a cold hut, and the winter was really ice-cold and he was shivering. And it seemed that he was going to die. And there was no wood for his fire.

In the mid-night, when he was shivering, it is said the Buddha appeared and said, “Why don’t you burn me?”

The wooden statue was there, the man became afraid, “This must be a devil,” he said. “What are you saying? To burn the statue of Buddha? Never!”

Buddha laughed and said, “If you look for me in the statue you will miss me. I am in you, not in the statue. I am not in the worshipped object, I am in the worshipper! And I am shivering within you - burn this statue!”

God is your subjectivity. He is there, withinwards. When you focus outside there is an object; when you become unfocused and look within, without any focus, he is there - absolutely alive, throbbing, ticking.

“Do you see, Rav of Mogielnica?” he said. “Do you see?”

Remember the emphasis. He is saying: “Do you see?” He is saying, “Have you got eyes to see?”

After the feast was over, the Rabbi of Mogielnica
danced around the table and sang in a low voice,
“The holy old man, our brother, has shown me a light.
Great is the light he has shown me.
But who knows? - who knows how many years must pass,
how long we still must sleep before it comes to us,
before it comes to us?”

Each word has to be understood:

After the feast was over, the Rabbi of Mogielnica
danced around the table and sang in a low voice.

Something has transpired, something has happened - something from the unknown, something not of this world. The moment the old man said “Do you see.do you see?” something has happened. What has happened?

For the first time this young rabbi became aware of his witnessing self. He has been seeing many things in his life, but for the first time he has had a glimpse of the seer itself. And when you are near a person who has become a true sage, who has attained, it is very easy to ride on his tide. Near a buddha, there are moments when you can look through his eyes.

That is the meaning - to find a master, a zaddik.

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