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Chapter 7: My Interest Is in You

When Ungan himself became a master, he once said - when addressing an assembly of monks - “Here is a child from a respectable family: Whatever you ask, there is nothing he can’t answer.”
One of his disciples, Tozan, stepped forward and asked, “How many books are there in his house?”
Ungan replied, “He doesn’t have any books, not even a single letter.”
Tozan then asked, “How could he be so well informed?”
“He seldom sleeps day or night,” was Ungan’s response.
“I want to ask something of the child,” continued tozan. “Is it possible?”
“He could answer, but he would not,” replied Ungan.
On another occasion, Ungan asked a monk, “Where have you been?”
The monk replied, “I have been talking about the dharma to a rock.”
Ungan asked, “Did the rock nod?”
The monk had no answer and Ungan commented, “It nods before you talk.”


First, a little bit of news.

The first failure of Comrade Gorbachev:

The central committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union has declared that Gorbachev’s first act of reform, to eradicate alcoholism, has failed. The party declared that Gorbachev’s radical changes have not yet been achieved; on the contrary, the sale of illicit liquor has grown, state liquor revenues have fallen, and the masses have been constantly complaining about long queues to buy vodka.


Over the past year Comrade Gorbachev has allowed the following symbols of capitalism to do business in Russia: Coca-Cola, MacDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Fast Food Pizza.

This is all junk that America wants to pour on the very innocent people of the Soviet Union.


Just today he has allowed the world’s largest advertising agency, Saatchi and Saatchi, to begin advertising campaigns in Russia for western goods. Saatchi’s, who are advertising agents for Margaret Thatcher, said they would also like a contract “to polish Gorbachev’s image, although he does not really need it at the moment.”

On the one hand, he is saying that Russia’s economy is failing, and on the other hand, he is giving contracts to advertising companies to advertise western goods in Russia. Do you see the contradiction?

The latest data about the economy of Russia is that twenty percent of the people are living below an adequate nourishment level. But in America, fourteen percent of the people are below this level - the difference is only six percent. For just six percent, if communism has to be thrown out and American capitalism has to be brought in, it is a total tragedy. Six percent of the people can be helped without bringing American capitalism in.

There was no need to declare to the world that they are no longer making nuclear weapons. There was no need to tell the world that they are cutting their military budgets and armies. They should have done it silently, and raised the level of those six percent without any problem! It is so simple, but Gorbachev is going about things absolutely irrationally. He is throwing out the baby with the wash water!

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