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Chapter 19: You Cannot Avoid What You Are

Why can I not just fall in love with any woman and be blind like every man?

Niskriya, your question is very special. You are asking, “Why can I not just fall in love with any woman and be blind like every man?” It is simple, Niskriya: because you are not a blind man.

And as far as women are concerned, they like blind men! They don’t fall in love with buddhas. You are so alert and aware and meditative - women don’t like these things at all. Just seeing you once, they will never come close to you.

Falling in love is possible only when the woman understands that the other is also going to fall. Looking at you, it does not seem possible. You may stand in love, but you cannot fall. Nothing can be done about it. This is your type, and I don’t think it is good to make any effort to change your type. You are a unique person in this unique community.

Everyone here is falling in love and falling out of love, and Niskriya is standing, watching the whole scene and wondering, “Why am I not falling?” You are not just another man; you are yourself. And it is a great quality not to fall, particularly in love, because then you have to fall out. It is an unnecessary exercise. A few people like doing exercise, a few people don’t like. You are a silent man - beyond all these exercises.

Only this woman seems to be interested in you! So find out later on - she will come to you by herself - but it will last only one night. In the morning you will find you are standing again. This is your destiny.

Moishe Finkelstein pays his bill and starts to get up from the table.

“By the way, sir,” says the anxious-looking waiter, “do you believe that history repeats itself?”

“I certainly do,” exclaims Moishe, “I know of a number of cases.”

“Well, sir,” replies the waiter, rubbing his hands together, “one gentleman who was in here yesterday left me a five dollar tip.”

“Amazing,” says Moishe, reaching for his hat, “perhaps he will be here again tomorrow.”

Everybody understands things in his own way and everybody has to be himself. History may be repeating, but no individual repeats.

Paddy has been suffering from chest pains, and although the tests have been inconclusive, the doctor tells him that if he wants to live much longer, he will have to lead a quiet life - no late nights, no exercise, and no sex.

“Okay,” says Maureen when she hears the news. “From now on I will sleep downstairs on the sofa, then he won’t be tempted.”

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