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Chapter 10: Married for Eternity

The moment you compare, you are creating hell around you; and from the very childhood you have been taught, every child is being told: “Be like that. Look at the neighbor’s child, how intelligent - and you are stupid. Look at somebody’s daughter, how mature she looks - and you are immature. Look at somebody else, how clean his living is - and you are dirty.” Now these comparisons make you feel miserable. You are yourself: there is nobody like you, there has never been anybody like you, there is going to be nobody like you ever. God never repeats.

You are unique. And remember, when I am saying “unique” I am not saying it in a comparative sense - I am not saying you are more unique than others, I am simply saying that each is unique. Uniqueness is very ordinary - everybody is unique. Once you have started comparison you are going to be neurotic - sooner or later you will land up on some psychiatrist’s couch.

Flowers are not mad and not miserable, because they don’t compare. Have you ever thought of a roseflower comparing with other roses? No comparison, no neurosis.alone, happy, unique, offered to God.

Comparison creates tension, anxiety. And these things have been taught to you: you have been taught you are a Christian, a Hindu, a Mohammedan - now how can consciousness be confined to ideologies? Ideologies are just mind-products; consciousness is far beyond, far above. Ideologies are just fictions - nothing to do with the truth. The truth is your consciousness - but you pay more attention to the ideology, and you have forgotten the truth. You fight, you unnecessarily quarrel, you argue, you prove, you disprove. You have been taught that somebody is an Indian, somebody is a Chinese, somebody is a Japanese; political ideologies - you are a communist, you are a fascist, this and that - a thousand and one diseases have been implanted in you.and you want to be happy. You will have to drop all this.

And you can drop it, and you can drop it in a single stroke - there is no need to drop it by and by. If you drop it by and by, you will never drop it - because if you drop it by and by, meanwhile you will be carrying it, and you will be watering it, and you will be helping it.

Drop it in a single stroke of a sword: that stroke is what I call understanding. An intelligent person, seeing all this, immediately drops it. immediately, I say. I don’t say that he thinks, “Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow I will drop it” - otherwise he has moved into misery again. Tomorrow? - misery has entered. Or he says, “How can I drop it right now? Preparation has to be made: I will go to a yoga school and do yoga asanas and stand on my head - then I will drop it.” You are not going to drop it then. If you cannot drop it while your head is in the right place, you are not going to drop it when the head will be in the wrong place!

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