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Chapter 28: Death Never Happens

A man like you comes along once in eternity. Whatever you are doing and saying is unique. I’m indeed fortunate to be here and I may never have this opportunity again. Yet every morning I come to discourse, I fall asleep. Am I missing? Should I also go and jump in Krishnamurti Lake?

It is just great - have a good sleep! Sleep is not contradictory to enlightenment. You will make history by becoming enlightened in your sleep. And there is no need to go to Krishnamurti Lake. I am here - your Krishnamurti Lake

But don’t say that what I am saying is unique. It is simply the truth. Anybody who is ready to relax in his ordinariness will realize it. And it is not that a man like me comes only once in an eternity. You all have the same potential.

Only men like me are born; there are no other kind. Just don’t try to become somebody. That’s why I am saying. Don’t call me unique; otherwise you will start unconsciously trying to become unique. And the moment you go on the trip of becoming, you are going far away from the truth that you are.

Just be ordinary! It is beautiful and so relaxing. It is the most wondrous experience just to be nobody, not desiring to be somewhere else, not even thinking of the tomorrow.

Can’t you see this very moment the bliss that is descending upon you?

Can’t you feel the silence that is beating in your very heart?

It is here - and not unique, available to all. And it is not that you have to wait for an eternity, don’t find excuses. I am not going to let you go without experiencing it. It is not something to be given to you; you have it already. Just go on relaxing, sleeping.

Sometimes I feel like sleeping; I can manage both to sleep and talk. Perhaps a few times I fall asleep and just out of habit I go on talking - you can ask Vivek. Once in a while when she comes to wake me up, she cannot believe it - I am addressing you! But the trouble for the poor girl is, when I speak in my sleep I speak my mother tongue. But I have promised her next time I will remember to speak in English.

Life in all its dimensions - awake or asleep - makes no difference to your enlightenment. So don’t find any excuse. These are excuses: that it happens only in an eternity, how can it happen to you? It happens only to unique people, how can it happen to you? I am trying my best to destroy these tricks of the mind, so that nobody who is a sannyasin leaves this world unenlightened!

Recently you said that most people who become enlightened die shortly afterwards. What I want to know is how you have managed to stay with us so long? I am so grateful.

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