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Chapter 8: The Giver Should Be Thankful

The child has to move, and when a child becomes enlightened, then he is completely broken, completely, absolutely broken with all the past, with the mother, the father - everything.

There is another saying which is also very mysterious, looks very hard on the part of Jesus. He was talking to a crowd and then somebody said, “Jesus, your mother is waiting outside, and the crowd is so large she cannot come in, and she wants to see you.”

Jesus said, “No one is my mother. Tell that woman, no one is my mother” - looks very hard, rude. But Jesus cannot be rude and he cannot be hard. But sometimes truth is rude, truth is hard. And Jesus cannot lie, he is right: “No one is my mother.”

Once it happened: Jesus was a small child and the father and mother had come to the great temple of the Jews for the annual festival. Jesus was lost somewhere in the crowd, so they tried and tried, and only by the evening - when they were very much disturbed, worried - only by the evening could they find him. He was sitting with some scholars, and he was just a child, and he was discussing things about the unknown with them. So his father said, “Jesus, what are you doing here? We have been worried about you the whole day.”

Jesus said, “Don’t be worried about me. I was looking after my father’s business.”

The father said, “I am your father - and what type of business are you looking after here? I am a carpenter.”

And Jesus said, “My father is there, up in heaven. You are not my father.”

Just as a child has to leave the body of the mother, otherwise he will be dead in the womb - he has to come out of the womb - the same happens mentally also. One day he has to come out of the father and mother’s womb. Not only physically - mentally; not only mentally - spiritually. And when the spiritual child is born, is completely out of the past, has broken with it completely - only then for the first time does he become a self, an independent reality, standing on his own feet. He is! Before this he was just a part of the mother, or the father, or the family - but he was never himself.

From the very beginning the mother and father are trying not to give freedom to the child. And love is born only in freedom, because it is a spontaneous phenomenon, you cannot do anything about it. If you do, you will destroy the whole possibility. They try: “Love us” - and the child has to yield, he is helpless. Just to exist he has to bargain. This is a bargain when a child says, “Yes, I love you mother,” and when he says, “I love no one else like you.” When a child says, “I love you, father, and there is nobody else like you. You are unique, the best, the greatest father that ever was,” he is just making a bargain, he is just playing politics, he has become part of a deceiving game.

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