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Chapter 8: The Great Doubt

We are standing in a queue, and the queue is not linear: it is a circle. Somebody is always ahead of you and somebody is always behind you. Then naturally the idea arises - because superiority and inferiority bring ego and misery - why not feel equal? And you think you are asking for a radical change? No, not at all. To feel equal is the same trap; it is based on the same criterion, the same measurement. Why equal? If you feel equal, you will feel superior, you will feel inferior too. Equality is the same measurement, is the same coin; nothing is being changed.

I will not help you to feel equal because that is not changing your illness. It is simply making it comfortable, making it a little more normal, bringing it to normal proportions from the neurotic. But the normal is just as neurotic as the neurotic. It is lukewarm neurosis.

What I would like to see, what I would like you to see is.. Start feeling that there is no possibility of comparison between you and anybody else. Each individual is so unique. I am not saying you are unique - don’t misunderstand me. I am saying each individual is unique; comparison is not possible. We can compare two beings only if they are not unique, if they are similar; but we are not similar.

A Jesus is a Jesus and a Buddha is a Buddha. Sometimes a Buddhist comes to me and he asks, “Who is greater - Jesus or Buddha? Who is greater - Krishna or Christ? Who is greater - Mahavira or Mohammed?” We go on using our neurotic criteria even for buddhas - “Who is greater?” Can’t you see a simple fact, that Buddha has never been repeated again? Never will there anybody like Gautama the Buddha, and never has there been anybody since. He is just unique, he is alone. How can you compare? Mohammed is so different, so unique in his own way. So is Christ. How can you compare?

And I’m not saying that these great souls, Buddha and Christ and Krishna, are unique. I’m saying each individual is unique. God creates only unique individuals. God never repeats. He does not believe in carbon copies. He only believes in the original.

And it is not only so with man! Animals are unique - you cannot find two cats exactly the same. They have their individuality. you cannot find two ashoka trees the same - they have their individuality. You cannot find two leaves exactly the same, or two pebbles on this big earth exactly the same - they have their individuality. The individuality is so deep in existence.

Individuality is the very signature of God.

So to think inferior, to think superior, and then to fall into another trap of thinking equal is just irrelevant to the truth of life. The truth is that we are unique - you are you, I am me, and there is no way to compare. Comparison has to disappear.

Once comparison disappears, compassion arises. Once comparison disappears, you start seeing the tremendous beauty of people all around. Then each existence is so unique, is so utterly precious. A single roseflower - it has never been before and it will never be again - don’t miss it! Dance with it, sing with it, be with it. It is only for the moment. This morning it has bloomed, by the evening it will be gone and gone forever!

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