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Chapter 15: Of Justice

He who bears injustice alone is terrible to behold.
Did you know this already? Shared injustice is half justice.

If injustice is done to you, do injustice in return. It is shared injustice; it is almost half justice. If the whole justice is not possible, let it be half at least. But unshared it is just pure injustice, one-sided.

But the great teachers of humanity are telling you, “You should be humble, you should be meek, you should not be angry, you should be forgiving.” It is where Zarathustra stands alone - a totally unique individual with a unique approach.

And he who can bear it should take the injustice upon himself.

If injustice happens to you and you don’t want to return it, then rather than complaining that injustice has been done to you, if you are capable enough, you should take it on yourself that you have been “injusticed,” - not that injustice has been done to you. You have done it; you are responsible. But don’t in any way destroy the dignity of the other human being.

A little revenge is more human than no revenge at all. And if the punishment be not also a right and an honor for the transgressor, then I do not like your punishment.If your punishment be not also a right and an honor for the transgressor, then I do not like your punishment.

Your punishment should be an honor to the punished; it should not be destructive to his self. It should make him stronger, it should be respectful, it should be an honor. He deserved it and it should be proportionate.

It is more noble to declare yourself wrong than to maintain you are right, especially when you are right.

That gives dignity to you. That does not take away anybody’s dignity, and it gives honor to you. In your own eyes you start having a respect, a love for yourself.

Only you must be rich enough for it.

It needs really a very rich soul to punish somebody in such a way that the punished feels honored by you. It is a very rare phenomenon, but there are moments when it happens.

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