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Chapter 11: Go Dancing In

Existence is as it is. And there is nobody you can inquire to, no complaint office, no inquiry office. We simply are here - nobody knows why. So let us make this time as good as we can. Why bother about unnecessary things? Just enjoy, and don’t be disturbed by your mind chattering.

Every question is stupid because nobody is there to answer it. Whom are you going to ask? Even if there was a God sitting just here amongst you, even he could not answer why he is sitting here. And you could not ask him, “Why have you created the world?” He will say, “Why not?” Remember, God is a Jew and Jews have a habit.. You ask a question and they will answer it with another question. You ask, “Why did you create the world?” and he will ask, “Why are you asking? Who are you? Why not create..?”

It is impossible to find anybody authoritative who can answer you about why you are here. Everything seems to be perfectly good. There is no need to be unnecessarily fussy: why I am here, why you are here. Just think of those who are not here, have never been here, will never be here. Those poor fellows, they will not even have a chance to ask!

Sitting silently the other morning, I felt an incredible energy inside me - and suddenly a big fear arose before I had been able to accept or realize this energy. Could you help me to understand this fear?
I am so afraid of my fire burning me totally: I had a glimpse of that and my mind has stopped this process. How to become free of this fear?

Life is a tremendous energy phenomenon. You are not aware of how much energy you have. Do you think atoms know how much energy they have? A single atom which is invisible to the eyes, if it explodes, can destroy a city as big as Hiroshima or Nagasaki. Within minutes everything is burned. If an atom of matter has that much energy.your consciousness is a far higher phenomenon. Your being must be carrying universes of energies - dormant of course, because you are not aware. But those who have become aware, their descriptions indicate similar things.

Kabir says that in his experience of inner being, he sees as if thousands of suns have suddenly arisen. All around him suns are dancing; the light is so dazzling that it makes him almost blind. But this is not only Kabir’s experience. Many mystics have described it the same way.

Your experience is just a beginning. You felt as if you would be burnt. Don’t be worried, nobody has ever burnt in his own inner energy. This energy is creative, not destructive.

Any energy that comes out of meditative silence is creative. There is not a single instance of it destroying anything, it has only created: it has created a beautiful space within; it has created beautiful art, music, sculpture, poetry, painting, outside. This fire is not even hot, it is very cool.

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