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Chapter 9: He Exults in His Creation

Power is the expression in the Realm of Grace;
Except this, there is nothing else.
In it are the great warriors and heroes;
There Rama abides in his fullness.
And in its glory also Sita abides,
Whose form is beyond words.
Those in whose heart Rama abides
Never die nor can be cheated.
There live many devotees of many different worlds;
Keeping the true name in their hearts they enjoy bliss.
In the Realm of Truth the formless abides.
He creates the world and exults in it with His vision.
With Him are the continents, the suns, the universes;
And they all defy description.
There are worlds upon worlds, and creations upon creations.
All works according to His order.
Seeing all this and thinking of it, He flowers in happiness,
Nanak says, To describe Him is like chewing on iron.

Man is helpless - but only as long as he is away from God. Man is weak, miserable, lowly - but only as long as he is away from God. Our distance from him is the cause of our wretchedness; the further we move away from him the more meaningless life becomes.

Many recent thinkers in the Western world feel that life is meaningless, that there is no motive behind our living, nor is there any destiny or order. It is a long story of meaninglessness, uselessness. It is a “tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

This feeling is bound to exist. Look at your own life - how much noise and fuss over nothing! You engage in great projects. You never walk, you run; but have you ever asked yourself, “Where am I going?” After all the running you find yourself exactly where you started at your birth; you haven’t gained even a grain of sand. If you look at your hands, they are empty. The treasure chest may be full, but you must leave it behind; you are empty. All the dreams of fulfillment turned out to be untrue.

No matter how much you acquire of this world, at death it falls away from you. And what falls away is never yours even though it belongs to you. Those who took refuge and solace in worldly goods built their palaces on sand; they are bound to fall. How long can you delude yourself? Someday you will wake up, someday you will ponder and realize: I walked so long and so far and so much, but reached nowhere.

Your condition is like the ox at the oil mill. How much he walks! Round and round he goes all day. There is so much noise around him as oil is being extracted. After a day’s work he is at the same place as when he started in the morning, and the next day is exactly the same. And so it goes.

Your life is like that of the ox. You may cleverly try to hide it by painting it in different hues, but you are aware of the quality of your heart - a beggar’s bowl that is forever asking and never gets filled. The further from God man is the more beggarly and wretched his inside state. The filling only comes when you are with him.

We are not only distant from him, but, even worse, we are opposed to him. Whatever we do is contrary. Distance is of no concern if we are with him, for then transformation takes place immediately.

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