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Chapter 3: Conquering the World by Inaction

He was right. Near a sage you go to unlearn. When you are fed up with your learning, when you have learned much and gained nothing, when you know much and you are lost in your own knowledge, when you know much but you have completely forgotten who you are, when you know much about unnecessary things, non-essential things - and the essential knowledge about your own being is lost - then you come to a sage to unlearn.

And that is the greatest surrender. It is easy to surrender your wealth, because it is outside you. Robbers can take it, it can be stolen - it is nothing that is part of you, it is outside! You can drop it easily. But the knowledge becomes an inner phenomenon, it gets inside you, it runs in your blood, it becomes part of your bones, it becomes your very marrow. It is difficult to surrender it.

It is easy to learn a thing, it is very difficult to unlearn it. How to unlearn when you know a certain thing? It becomes very difficult to not know it. How to drop it? It is so deep in you. Unless you move beyond the mind - for you are identified with the mind, you cannot drop it because then you think “It is me”. Then you think your knowledge is your being.

Move! All meditations are techniques to move from the mind, to gain a little distance from the mind, to become a little aloof and unidentified; to transcend the mind, to become a watcher on the hills so you can see what is happening in the mind. When you are separate from the mind, only then is there a possibility to drop something, to drop knowledge, to unlearn.

The student of Tao aims at losing day by day. That is his gain. He gains by losing day by day. That is his learning, he learns by unlearning day by day. A moment comes when he is again a child, not knowing anything. A moment comes when he enters into the paradise again.

He tasted the bitter fruit of knowledge, but he found out it was stupid. Knowledge is deep stupidity.

He found it out, now he comes into the paradise again. Now no serpent can seduce him. He comes mature - childlike but mature. A child, innocent - but alert, aware, conscious.

Now he attains to a greater purity, because a purity which has no awareness is bound to be lost. Somebody is going to seduce, somebody is going to corrupt, and if there is nobody, you will corrupt yourself, because you are not alert.

Adam had to be thrown out of the garden of paradise. He was simply innocent. He was Buddha-like in one part, he was innocent, he was like Jesus in one part, he was innocent - but the other part was lacking, he was not aware.

Adam is the be inning, Jesus is the end. Adam is half, Jesus is complete - the other half has become aware. Now Jesus is incorruptible. He is not only pure he is also incorruptible, his innocence is now absolute.

The student of Tao aims at losing day by day.
By continual losing
one reaches doing nothing.

This is very subtle. Pay as much attention as you can pay to it. Be as meditative about it as possible.

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