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Chapter 6: The Paradox of Love

There are foolish people, unloving people, who come and listen once or twice and think they have known me. And they go with certainty, with decisions, conclusions. They don’t know what love is. They don’t know what truth is. They come with certain prejudices, and if they feel that I am agreeing with their prejudices, they think they have understood me and they say I am right. If I am not agreeing with their prejudices, they think they have understood me and “this man is wrong.”

If you are here for a longer period.and the period is not as important as the depth of the relationship. That is the meaning of sannyas: it is a plunge into a deeper intimacy, into a deeper commitment.

Just the other night a woman was asking: “If I don’t take sannyas, won’t you accept me?” I told her: “Yes, I accept you - whether you take sannyas or not is irrelevant - but you will not be able to accept me if you don’t take sannyas.”

If you are able to accept me, then sannyas is just a gesture of your acceptance, nothing else. It is just a gesture: “I am coming with you; I am ready to be with you; even if you are going to hell I would rather be with you in hell than be in heaven alone” - that’s all. I am not promising you that I will take you to heaven - nothing of the sort. Nobody should be hoping that. I am not promising you anything of the sort. Maybe I am going to hell.

A sannyasin is one who has trusted me, who says, “Okay, so I am also coming - but I am coming with you.” Then something starts transpiring between me and you. It is not only changing your clothes, it is not only changing your name. It is simply dropping your whole past and starting from abc. That’s why I change your name - mm? - just to give you a new start, as if you are born again.

The day of your initiation into sannyas becomes your real birthday. You disown the past and you tell me: “I am ready for a new future. I will not continue my past, I am ready to discontinue it. And I will not insist on my past - I disclaim, I disown it. And I am absolutely open: wherever you lead, I am ready. I have no prejudices.”

If you have been here with me in a deep intimate relationship, if you have loved me and if you have tasted my love, this is bound to happen: “I have been with Osho and I have not been with Osho.” Yes, you will feel that paradox. “I have seen him and yet something remains unknown, unseen.” That will always remain - unless you also become Osho. Unless you also reclaim your divinity, unless you also become godly, something will remain unknown - because we can know only that which we have become capable of.

Another woman last night came to me and she said, “I love you, but I cannot love you as a divine being - I love you as a human being.” That’s okay! In fact, how can you see divineness if something of the divine has not already stirred in your heart? How can you see beyond yourself?

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