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Chapter 5: From Nothing to Nothing

This is the circle of existence: from nothing to nothing, from nowhere to nowhere. In the middle of two nowheres is the dream, the samsara. In the middle of two nothings are all things. Hence they are called dream-stuff; hence they are called maya; hence they are called nothing but thoughts, fantasies. This is the Tantra tree.

No-mind is the beginning of all and the end of all. Out of no-mind arises what Tantra calls unorigination; out of unorigination arises non-memory; out of non-memory arises memory. This is the Tantra tree.

No-mind, nothingness, means that all is potential, nothing is yet actual. All is possible, probable, but nothing has happened. Existence is fast asleep in the seed, resting - the state of rest, the state of unmanifest being. Remember it, because only then will you be able to understand these sutras. These sutras are of great importance, because understanding them you can go into your own mind and search for the no-mind.

The first state: no-mind - everything is potential, nothing is actual. The second state: unorigination - still nothing has become actual, but things are getting ready to become actual. In a way it is the same as the first, but with a slight difference. In the first everything is absolutely at rest; the rest is absolute, nothing may happen for millions of years. In the second nothing has happened yet, but things are ready to happen at any moment; the potentiality is ready to explode into actuality. It is like a runner who is ready to run any moment the whistle is blown. He is on the verge, he is just standing on the line, absolutely ready; once the signal is given he will be running.

Unorigination means that nothing has originated yet, but it is ready to be born. Unorigination means the pregnant state. The child is in the womb, the child may come at any moment. Yes, it has not come yet, so in that way it is similar to the first state. But it is very, very ready; in that way it is not similar to the first state.

The third state is called non-memory. The child is born; the experience has become actual. The world has come in, but there is still no knowledge: non-memory.

Just think of the first day a child is born. He opens his eyes, he will see these green trees, but he will not be able to recognize that they are green. How can he recognize them as green? He has never known green before. He will not even be able to recognize that they are trees. He will see the trees, but he will not be able to recognize them because he has never known them before. His perception will be pure, uncontaminated by memory; hence this state is called non-memory.

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