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Chapter 1: Knowledge Is Not Knowledge

Hence, you can praise the buddha, you can condemn him - millions will condemn him, very few will praise him - but it makes no difference to him. He remains like an unmoving mountain, an immovable mountain.

He is clarity.
Hearing the truth,
he is like a lake,
pure and tranquil and deep.

He is not only clear - Buddha says he is clarity, clarity itself. To be clear is a very ordinary thing; once in a while you are also clear. Once in a while you can rise to a certain clarity. But the mind is always there to play mischief again; again you will fall. You can jump for a moment and you are beyond the law of gravitation - but for how long? A few seconds at the most, and you are back again under the same law of gravitation.

To be clear is a momentary phenomenon. The wise man, the awakened man, is not only clear, he is clarity. You cannot take it away from him. He is clear through and through. He is utterly clear. All the weeds have been taken out of him - he is only roses and roses, a row of roses. He has become pure light, pure capacity to see. His vision is no longer clouded, his sky is without clouds.

.he is like a lake, pure and tranquil and deep. His consciousness becomes a lake, and in that lake are reflected all the stars and all the suns and all the moons and the whole sky, and the whole truth, the whole existence. In his silent lake of consciousness is reflected that which is, and that is another name for God - that which is.

Meditate over these sutras; not only meditate - imbibe their spirit. Buddha is sharing his invaluable treasures with you: .invaluable secrets! Follow him, follow the way.

Enough for today.