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Chapter 25: A Great Surgery in the Right Hands

The next morning the vet arrives and says, “Now, how is that sick cow of yours?”

“Cow?” asks Jones. “I said cat.”

“My god!” cries the vet, “did you give him the whole bottle of castor oil?”

“You wouldn’t let me argue!” replies Jones.

“Where is the cat now?” asks the vet.

“Well,” says Jones, “he is up in the big field with twelve of his friends.four digging, four filling in, and four searching for fresh ground.”

Little Ernie stands up in class one morning, waves his arm and says, “Miss Goodbody, I won’t be in school next Friday because of my father’s funeral.”

“My god!” exclaims Miss Goodbody, “what happened?”

“Well,” says Ernie, “he tried to hammer a nail into the wall and hit his finger.”

“But he couldn’t die from that,” says Miss Goodbody.

“I know,” replies Ernie, “but he kept on howling like a mad dog, so we had to shoot him.”

Paddy and Sean plan to go on a fishing trip and are all excited about it.

Paddy says to Sean, “I will bring the fishing gear, and you go to the grocery store and buy the provisions.”

On the morning they are going to leave, Sean shows up at Paddy’s house with two loaves of bread and six bottles of whiskey.

“I can’t believe it,” says Paddy, “I leave the supplies to you and what happens? You bring two loaves of bread and six bottles of whiskey. Now, what the hell are we going to do with all that bread?”

Close your eyes, remain like unmoving statues; just for two minutes let absolute silence prevail.

Now.let go.

.Now come back.