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Chapter 2: Only a Remembrance

Rinzai said:
If you meet a buddha, cut him down; if you meet a patriarch, cut him down; if you meet an arhat, cut him down; if you meet your parents, cut them down and if you meet your relatives, cut them down.
Only thus will you be liberated, and if you are not held by externals, you will be disengaged and comfortably independent.

After this mountain monk has said that there is no dharma externally, students who do not understand this immediately make their interpretation of the internal. They then sit against the wall with the tongue touching the palate, to be in a motionless position and regard this as the Buddha Dharma of the patriarchs.
The greatest mistake is that if you take still immobility as the right state, you will mistake the darkness for your master. This is what an ancient meant when he said, “In complete darkness, an abyss is dreadful.”

If you take the moving state as the right one, all plants and straws can move. Are they Tao? Therefore, the moving is the element wind, and the unmoving is the element earth. Both the moving and the unmoving have no nature of their own. If you want to catch it in the moving, it will go to the unmoving; and if you want to catch it in the unmoving, it will go to the moving. It is like a fish concealed in the water which it can stir into ripples through which to skim.

Virtuous Ones, the moving and unmoving are two kinds of states, but the man of Tao can make use of both the moving and unmoving states.

Anando, one of the fundamentals of Zen that makes it a totally unique religion, more than any other religion of the world, is that it does not want to exclude anything from your life. Your life has to be inclusive. It has to comprehend all the stars and the sky and the earth. It is not a path of renouncing the world.

What Maharishi Mahesh Yogi calls Transcendental Meditation, Rinzai is condemning. You teach people to sit silently with their tongue touching their palate, so even inside their mouth they cannot make any movement of the tongue, and the whole body should be just a statue - then only you can realize the truth. But it is only half of the truth. And a half truth is more dangerous than a total lie; at least a lie is total.

Life is both rest and movement.

If you go sometime to Bodhgaya, where Gautam Buddha became enlightened, there stands a temple in memory of his enlightenment, by the side of the tree where he used to sit and meditate. That was his routine: for one hour he would sit under the tree and meditate, then for one hour he would walk by the side of the tree. Even the places where he moved are marked by stones to show you, a small path.

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