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Chapter 4: Life Itself Prepares the Ground

When I first sat in front of you I heard you say to me, “Bring light into the unconscious.”
Eight years have since passed and I feel more silent and loving than ever before and yet sense that there is much more.
Does the light which enters the unconscious come through efforts and determination, or is it an existential gift, requiring patience, openness and receptivity?
Could you speak on what it means to bring light into the unconscious?

Every step on the path reminds one of the utter poverty of language. I may have said to you, Bring light into your unconscious, because in that moment you would not have understood what you can understand now.

You can only prepare the ground.

Light comes on its own accord.

And that is happening in all these eight years by your becoming more silent and more loving. But you feel a lingering sense that there is something more - there is much more. Now I can say to you: Relax in your silence so it can become deeper. And relax in your love so it is no longer a solid thing but becomes more liquid, more flowing in all directions.

In short, learn the art of let-go. The light will come not according to your expectations or by any effort. Every effort will be a great hindrance and every expectation will create distance between you and the light.

In fact forget all about light.. Just listen to the sound of rain, the sound of wind and enjoy it with such intensity that in every enjoyment you disappear. Slowly, slowly one day you will find you are not. That is the greatest moment in a man’s life, because the moment you find you are not, light enters in you. It waits until you vacate your innermost being. You are too full of yourself; there is no space for the great light to descend in you.

In a certain sense you have to die to be reborn, you have to be no more to be authentically yourself. This is logically very contradictory language, but I am not responsible for it. The whole responsibility is on the poverty of language. It has not been made to express the richer and higher experiences of consciousness. The descending of light is the ultimate, then the lingering sense that there is more will disappear.

That does not mean that there is not much more - there is - but what you have received is too much even to believe in it. You don’t deserve it, you are not worthy of it and it is so vast that it is inconceivable that there can be much more beyond it. But there is no need to be worried about it. Just as the light has come it comes as a ray entering into your unconscious darkness, and soon it becomes thousands of suns, light exploding all over in all dimensions. Because of this fact the experience has been called enlightenment.

You are on the right path. Eight years ago if I had said these things to you, you would not have understood. I had to prepare you before I could say things which are unsayable. And there are so many things to be conveyed to you, but they will have to wait until you are prepared. When you are prepared just give me a hint, “I am ready.”

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