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Chapter 7: The Treasure Which Endures

Ebrahim would laugh and say, “So, we use terms in a different way it seems, because there in the cemetery, once you enter you are a resident forever. That is the real basti, the permanent residence where your address never changes, because you are there forever and forever and forever. So you are not asking for the real basti, then you are asking for this city which is a cemetery because people are standing in the queue just to die.

“Somebody’s time has come today, somebody else’s will be coming tomorrow, somebody else’s the day after tomorrow: but everybody is just waiting to die! And you call it basti? You call it the place where people reside? I call it marghat, the cemetery, where people are simply waiting to die, where nothing exists except death.”

If life exists, it is nothing but a waiting for death, and how can life be a waiting for death? How can life be momentary? How can life be just like a dream? It is there.and it is gone and not there. Life must be something eternal. But if you are looking for the eternal, then be like the prudent merchant: sell all that you have got. Sell it and purchase the one, the one pearl of your inner being which cannot be drowned, which cannot be snatched away, because that pearl is you. You can possess only yourself, nothing else can be really possessed.

You can live in an illusion, that’s another thing. You can live in the illusion that you possess this house, this wife, this husband, these children, but this is an illusion; sooner or later the dream will go away. You can possess only yourself because that will never go away. The being is permanent, eternal; it is timelessly yours. It cannot be taken away from you.

This is the difference between a worldly search and a religious search: religion means looking for the eternal, the worldly is looking for the temporal. The world exists in time and religion exists in timelessness. Observe a clear fact: that whenever you close your eyes and thoughts have dropped, there is no time; whenever you close your eyes and thoughts are not there, time disappears. When thoughts are there, then there is time; when things are there, then there is time.

Around you exists time, the ocean of time. Within you exists eternity, timelessness. That’s why all the realized ones say that when you have transcended time, when you have gone beyond time, then you have reached yourself, you have come home.

Once it happened:

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