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Chapter 3: No Other Path but Life

But all the great moralists of the world, all the theologians, all the prophets and messengers of God have really messed you up. They have made such demands on you. They have taken away all your freedom. They have asked you to do impossible things, and naturally you have failed in doing them. It has left wounds in you - wounds of failure, inferiority, wounds of unworthiness - and you are living with all those wounds. Naturally, everything goes wrong.

It is not nature; it is your great benefactors: the people who have been promising you “We are the saviors.” In fact, they are the people who have created a sick humanity, a diseased human mind, a psychology that is not sane.

Demanding anything unnatural is bound to create guilt. If you do not do it, you feel guilty that you are not really a human being; that you are behaving like subhuman beings, animals, that you are a sinner, that you are doing things against the prophets and the messengers who represent God. And if you try to follow them, you get into a trap. If you follow them you have to go against nature, and nature is all that you are.

You cannot go against yourself, so on each step there is failure. On each step you become more and more schizophrenic: a small part becomes the priest, condemning your whole nature. Whatever you do is wrong.

Life becomes a nightmare. And that’s how man has lived for thousands of years: a life which could have been a beautiful experience, has been turned into an unbearable torture, a nightmare. Even if you want to wake up you cannot. The nightmare is heavy and long - it is not only yours, it is coming from your forefathers; generation after generation has cultivated it. It has roots as ancient as man; you cannot fight with it. You are torn apart. You cannot fight with your nature, you cannot fight with your sick heritage.

And I say that on the whole earth every man is living under the burden of a sick heritage. It does not matter whether he is Christian or Hindu or Mohammedan - these are different names for the same sickness.

If you follow your nature, you condemn yourself. The whole society condemns you. The whole world is against you, and you are also against yourself.

But you have to live your nature.

Friedrich Nietzsche has a beautiful insight. He says that all the religions of the world have been against sex, but they have not been successful in destroying sex; otherwise, from where do these people go on coming? This whole population explosion. If your priests had succeeded, churches would be empty. But there are seven hundred million Catholics - certainly the Catholic priests have failed utterly.

Nietzsche is right. The religions have not succeeded in destroying sex. But they have succeeded in one thing: they have made sex poison, poisonous. It is no more a joy, it is no more a thing of beauty; it is no more sacred. They have been able to create great guilt out of it. And what is right about sex is right about all your natural instincts, but everything has been poisoned.

So when things are not going right, you are perfectly at ease. When things are going right, you start feeling uneasy: “What is the matter?”

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