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Chapter 12: Get Disturbed

The second question:

the Mandukya Upanishad says -
Above all, it should be known. And Jesus also says:
Seek ye first the Kingdom of God.
Then how did the Christian church right down to Mother Teresa change its meaning to: Serve ye first the suffering humanity and the Kingdom of God shall be yours?
A German gentleman, Mr. Rheiner, while speaking to me violently accused the Rajneesh ashram of being a big money-making racket and said that it should care more for the poor and that it should serve the downtrodden.
Osho, how is it that even people from the affluent west continue to misunderstand you?

Ajit Saraswati,

I am not against money - I am against money-mindedness! I am not against possessions, I am against possessiveness. And these are two totally different dimensions, diametrically opposite to each other.

To be against money is stupid. Money is a beautiful means - a means of exchange. Without money there cannot be an evolved culture, society or civilization.

Just imagine that money has disappeared from the world. Then all that is comfortable, all that is giving you convenience will disappear with it. People will be reduced to utter poverty. Money has done a tremendous work; one has to appreciate it.

Hence I am not against money, but I am certainly against money-mindedness - and people don’t make the distinction. The whole human past has lived in confusion.

Renounce money-mindedness, but there is no need to renounce money. Money has to be created, wealth has to be created. Without wealth all science will disappear, all technology will disappear, all the great achievements of man will disappear. Man will not be able to reach the moon, man will not be able to fly. Without money life will become very dumb, just as without language all art, all literature, all poetry, all music will disappear. Just as language helps you to exchange thoughts, to communicate, so money helps you to exchange things; it is also a form of communication.

But money-minded people cling to money; they destroy its whole purpose. Its purpose is to go on moving from one hand to another hand. That’s why it is called “currency”: it has to remain like a current, moving. The more it moves the better, the richer the society becomes.

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