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Chapter 13: Almost Ready to Steal the Truth

Is there really upanishad happening here when we sit near you and you say something to us?

The word upanishad is immensely meaningful. It means sitting by the side of the master, whether he speaks or not. The upanishad can happen in silence. It can happen through words, through gestures, just looking into each other’s eyes. It is a kind of heart-to-heart contact: two individuals meeting and merging into one, an experience of deep love, great trust.

Here, it is happening! I can see your joy, your silence. I can feel your love, your trust. And I can also feel that the same is happening on your part. Something is transpiring which can only be experienced, cannot be explained. Any explanation will fall short of it. The experience is so rich and the words are very poor. At the moment when you put the experience into words much of the beauty, the grandeur, the greatness, is lost. Only a very small part, a fragment of the total remains; that too is no longer alive.

My eyes are alive in the whole organism. My hands are alive in the whole organism. If you take any part away it dies immediately, it has no life of its own. The same happens when you start explaining something which is beyond words. Only a fragment, just a part of it is caught in the words, but it is dead. It is no longer the same thing. It is no longer alive, it is no longer breathing.

The real upanishad happens only in silence. Speaking simply creates the groundwork for it to happen. Speaking itself is not upanishad. It is simply preparing a love sphere in which something which is beyond the words can descend. It is just helping to open your heart to be receptive, to be welcoming it. Because when the energy knocks on your doors, they should not be found closed.

This is one of the most fundamental things in spiritual life, that the master’s energy cannot even knock on your doors - that too will be violence, that too will be trespassing. The spiritual work is very delicate. You have to keep the doors open, waiting for the guest. It can come any moment. It is just by the corner. Your opening will be enough to pull it magnetically into your innermost core. That is the meaning of the word upanishad: the master becomes the guest in the heart of the disciple.

The master is ready to become the guest, but the disciple should be courageous enough to take a stranger, an outsider, somebody mysterious to the very core of his being. If there is even a little fear, then it cannot happen. That fear will keep you closed. It is fearlessness, courage, guts. It is trust and love, in one word.

The moment the disciple is ready, the master appears. This is one of the ancientmost sayings: “The moment the disciple is ready, the master appears.” The disciple need not go in search of the master, the master has always come in search of the disciple.

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