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Chapter 7: Meditation and the Inner Eye

A single thing has to be repeated because of you and still you do not understand; that is the mystery. You hear it - and not only do you hear it, you feel that it is a repetition. But no understanding happens yet. Try to understand; do not try to analyze. Do not try to think about the mind of the rishi - why he is repeating. Think about your own mind, why it is repeating. And be alert so that rishis won’t need to repeat.

I have heard, once it happened that one Zen priest gave his first sermon, and the next week he again repeated the same sermon, and the third week also he repeated the same sermon word for word. The congregation became uneasy; it was too much. Religious sermons are by themselves boring, but then he repeated the second time, he repeated the third time, exactly the same thing in exactly the same words. So the congregation thought that something had to be done.

A spokesman was appointed. He went to the priest and said, “What is the matter? Do you have only one sermon to preach?”

The priest said, “No, I have quite a few.”

Then the spokesman said, “Then why have you been repeating the same sermon three times? We are fed up with it.”

The priest said, “But you have not done anything about it yet. Unless you do something about it, I cannot go to the second. I have got quite a few, but what have you done about the first? I have been preaching it three times - what have you done about it? You have not done anything. And unless you do something about the first, I cannot move to the second.”

It is said that the congregation, by and by, stopped coming. And it is said that the priest went on preaching the same sermon. Even to the vacant temple, when there was no one, he would preach the same sermon. Then people stopped coming that way because sometimes, just passing by the temple, they would hear the same sermon being taught. Then people started to feel afraid, scared of the man. They would not meet him in the street or anywhere. If they saw him they would just avoid him because he would stop and ask, “Have you done anything about the sermon?” He became like a haunting phenomenon around the village.

That is why the Upanishads go on repeating - because you have not done anything about the first thing. You have not done anything about the first so they repeat a second time, a third time. There are one hundred and eight Upanishads. They do not say anything new; they go on repeating the same thing again and again. One Upanishad is repeated one hundred and eight times. But still, nothing has been done about it. You need more Upanishads.

Do not think about the mind of the master. Think about your own mind.

The second question:

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