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Chapter 4: Everything Is Interdependent

So whenever I say “we in the East,” I mean all, wherever they were born, wherever they were brought up. They are spread all over the world. The East is spread all over the world, just as the West is spread all over the world. When somebody from India gets a Nobel Prize for his scientific discoveries, he is a Western mind. He’s no more part of the East, he’s no more part of the Eastern tradition. He has changed his home, he has changed his address. Now he has fallen in line, in queue with Aristotle.

The East is within you, and we call it “East” because East is nothing but the rising sun: awareness, consciousness, alertness.

So never be confused whenever I say “we in the East.” I don’t mean the countries that are in the East, no. I mean the consciousness that is Eastern. I don’t mean India when I use the word India. It is a bigger thing for me. It is not just on the map as other countries. It is simply symbolic of the tremendous energy that India has put into the inner search. So wherever you are born, if you start moving towards godliness, you become Indian. Suddenly, your pilgrimage towards India starts. You may come to India or you may not come; that is not the point. But you have started your pilgrimage. And the day you realize, suddenly you will become part of Gautam Buddha, Mahavira the Jain, the Upanishadic seers, the rishis of the Vedas, Krishna, Patanjali. Suddenly, you are no more part of the technological mind, the logical mind; you have become supra-logical.

The second question:

Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mahavira, Lao Tzu: all those enlightened have been known to go around the world preaching. Why is it that you are not doing the same?

I am doing the same, but just the other way round. I am allowing the world to come around me. This is my way. Buddha has done his thing, I am doing my thing.

The third question. It is from Prem Madhuri.

I am often one of the crocodiles of which you speak, and sure enough, Bodhi shows every sign of becoming one of the great philosophers. That’s fine, but what of the consciousness of the wretched crocodile?

The woman has suffered long because the feminine mind has suffered long. The woman has been oppressed long because the feminine mind has been oppressed long. Centuries upon centuries of oppression, exploitation, suppression; much violence has been done against women. Naturally, she has become cunning. Naturally, she has become very clever in devising subtle methods to torture men. That is natural. That is the way of the weak. Nagging, bitching - that is the way of the weak. Unless you understand it, you will not be able to drop it.

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