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Chapter 9: The Way of Upanishad

Tremendously courageous people - they have not even signed their names. In fact it would have been ugly to sign because they were not the writers, they were not the composers, they were not the poets. The poetry was coming from above, from beyond. They were simply vehicles.

Because of this, you will be surprised also to know that the whole Koran consists of Hajrat Mohammed’s statements, the Gita consists totally of Krishna’s statements, but each upanishad consists of many peoples’ expressions - anybody who had reached to that beyond and allowed the beyond to descend through him.

The Upanishads have not bothered to collect the words of one person. Each upanishad contains the words of many enlightened people, and without any signatures. Words have never been so golden. Words have never taken such high flights, and yet the people who allowed them to happen have remained anonymous. This is so beautiful, immensely beautiful, because they knew that, “We have nothing to do. We have just been passages. Something has come through us.”

One upanishadic rishi, one upanishadic seer - the name, of course, is unknown - is reported to have said, “If there is any mistake in my statement, that is mine. And if there is any truth, I cannot claim that it is mine. The truth belongs to the universe; the mistake belongs to me, I was not such a good vehicle.” These were rare people, unique human beings, the very salt of the earth.

I would like my sannyasins to become this very salt of the earth again.

It is because these are not religious scriptures, that’s why there is no religion following the Upanishads. These are the very few books which contain the greatest quantity of truth and have remained unorganized. There is no organization around them; there cannot be - because of the very methodology there cannot be a church, there cannot be a pope or a shankaracharya.

I love someone, but I cannot make an organization of it. And when I leave this body I will leave in heritage my wealth, my house, my land, everything - but I cannot leave my love in heritage.

These Upanishads are pure love, so there have been no successors, no priests, no followers. These books are the most pure in the whole world, absolutely without any pollution. They have remained just the way they were expressed.

Nobody has fought because of the Upanishads.

Mohammedans have fought because of the Koran. Hindus have fought because of the Gita. Christians have fought because of the New Testament. Everybody has been fighting for their religious scripture.

Who cares about the poor Upanishads? But it has been fortunate that nobody has bothered about them; they have remained as pure as when they were given birth to, as innocent as ever.

The statements in the Upanishads - there are one hundred and twelve upanishads; the statements in the Upanishads cannot be made into dogmas for the simple reason that the statements are not rational, logical. They are contradictory.

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